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ATmega8L-8AU (42K)
Микроконтроллер Atmel
776 руб.

Технические характеристики

Memory Size, Flash8KB
EEPROM Size512Byte
Memory Size, RAM1024Byte
No of I/O Lines23
No. of ADC Inputs8
Timers, No. of3
PWM Channels, No of3
Clock Frequency8MHz
Interface TypeSPI, USART
Voltage, Supply Min2.7V
Voltage, Supply Max5.5V
Termination TypeSMD
Case StyleTQFP
No. of Pins32
Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +85°C
Temp, Op. Max85°C
Temp, Op. Min-40°C
Base Number8
Bits, Number in ADC10
IC Generic Number8
Interrupts, External No. of2
Logic Function Number8
Memory Size8 K
Memory TypeFlash PEROM
Microprocessor/Controller FeaturesISP, SPI, WDT
No. of Bits8
Packaging TypeWaffle Tray